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œœœœœœœœ@Best solutions of your water problems@œœœœœœœœ

We devote our energies to improve the watery environment

uResearching & Engineeringv

Mr.Matsunaga who was working as design engineer of machine tools over 40 years and runs his own engineering company "OK Engineering Co.,Ltd.". He was also researching on fine bubble while working as design engineer and has invented the highly efficent fne bubble generator,which is patented by Japan Patent Office.

He determined to devote to improvintg the watery environment with his valuable invents.
OK Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a member of FBIA

uMarketing & Exportingv

We "Nanyo Craft Co.,Ltd." are Export Agent of OK Engineering Co.,Ltd.(Area:Europe) and have a long time relationship with Mr.Matsunaga personally. We respect his devotion of a lifetime engineering and finding his invents are very worth marketing and exporting to other countries.

We also determined to devote to improving the watery environment of the world by exporting OK brand fine bubble generators.



<Export Agent of OK Engineering>

Nanyo Craft Co.,Ltd.

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