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Mechanism and Applications

Features of loop flow method fine bubble generator

Our patented Loop Flow Method Nozzle makes whirlpool in it structually and that causes intense turbulant flow furthermore. After that fine bubbles are diffused efficiently through the nozzle outlet.

Another advantage of Loop Flow Method is that stirring part in the nozzle is highly evacuated and therefore self air suction rate is also very high.

Experiment with nano particle size analyzer of SHIMADZU SALD 7500 nano has proofed that Loop Flow Method Nozzle can generate nano sized bubbles more than 400 millions/ml.

Chart of fine bubble generating system!

Structure of Loop Flow Method Nozzle is simple,therefore it is easy to attach at the end of pipe or
watering tube.
Dirct installation in a pipe also possible it can stop algae springing in it.

You can easily put our fine bubble generating nozzle in the exhisting equipment.

Applications of fine bubble are widely developing!

If you supply oxygen,ozon or nitrogen gas instead of natural atomosphere through air suction hose,then
they will be oxygen,ozon and nitrogen fine bubbles respectively and used for it's fit-for-purpose field
purification of waste water,aquaculture and hydroponics,for example.

Fine bubble can enrich dissolved oxygen and activate aerobic bacteria in the water efficiently ,environmentally-friendly and energy-saving.



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