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Revolution of Bubbles

Invention and Application

Mr.Matsunaga of OK engineering Co.,Ltd. is researching since
1998 on fine bubble and has invented a loop flow method of Fine Bubble Generator which can generate very efficiently micro and nano
sized bubbles. This OK Brand Fine Bubble Generator is patented by
Japan Patent Office
<certificate of patent>.

High efficiency of OK Brand Fine Bubble Generators can enrich dissolved oxygen and purify the polluted water very efficiently so that you can save the working time and operating costs.

Characteristics of Fine Bubble

Fine Bubbles are classified into Micro & Nano by its size
Size of micro bubbles are approximately less than 50ƒสm
Micro sized bubbles can stay long time in the water and rise very slowly about 3mm in a minute
Micro bubbles take negative electrostatic charge,so don't absorb each other
Micro bubbles are transformed into nano bubbles in a certain condition.

What is the difference between Fine Bubble and normal Aeration Bubble

Aeration Bubbles are expand and rise relatively fast toward the liguid surface, and they are scattered into the atomosphere.

Micro sized Fine Bubbles float long time in the water after diffusing and keeping balance internal pressure and surface tension,but finally melt into the water and disappear.
Size of Fine Bubbles are approximately less than 20 microns diameter and they receive the strong surface tension as gas-liquid interface area being large in spite of small bubble volume. They are not crushed soon because their internal pressure is also high,but some are crushed by pressure and friction over the limit in the end.
Inside of bubble just before breaking is in the ultra-high heat and ultra-high-temperature state that generate free radicals when they break. This nano sized bubble is called Ultra Fine Bubble.

Definition of Fine bubble
Bubbles smaller than 100 ƒสm diameter are called Fine Bubble and defined 1-100 ƒสm diameter bubbles as
Micro Bubble,smaller than 1 ƒสm diameter bubbles as Ultra Fine Bubble.

<Standardization of Fine Bubble>

ISO <International Organization for Standardization>
News: The fine bubble breakthrough

Our patented Loop Flow Method can generate nano bubbles efficiently

LM 20 of Nanosight Ltd.(UK) measured 480 millions/ml(mean:155 nm) nano bubbles that generated by our
Loop Flow Method nozzle in 2012. Now we use our own measuring instrument SHIMADZU SALD-7500nano
in order to measure nano bubbles constantly and get the similar result. SHIMADZU SALD-7500nano

Miracle Power of Ultra Fine Bubble


Fine Bubbles can supply and enrich dissolved oxygen in water so that can accelerate growth of vegetables and bring a high yield.

Fine Bubbles can also enhance the
srerilizing effect in water.

Characteristics of vegetables grown by fine bubbles are
and tasty.


Fine Bubbles can supply and enrich dissolved oxygen in water so that can purify and sterilize the water efficiently.

Fine Bubbles can grow healthy fishes faster to use less fish feed and drug of the nursery.

Fine Bubbles can save the working time and operating costs.

Water Pollution & Wastewater Treatment

Fine Bubbles can enrich dissolved oxygen in water efficiently and stay durably so that activate aerobic biological treatment better.
Fine Bubbles take negative electrostatic charge and absorb positively electrostatic charged pollutants in water and remove it
in order to do
floatation separation efficiently.
Fine Bubbles are generated simply without a heavy equipment and make high effect efficiently so that you can save the working time and operating costs of the wastewater treatment.

Water Purification (innovative Japanese Zoo)
Water of a hippopotamus aquarium is being purified by OK Brand Fine Bubble diffusers,so that people can clearly observe aquatic activity of the hippopotamus in the water.

8 sets of OK Brand
100L/min Nozzles are used in this aquarium.



<Export Agent of OK Engineering>

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