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<Patented OK Loop-Flow Method Ultra Fine Bubble Generators>

Features of OK Brand Nozzles

Patented loop flow-method of OK Brand nozzles are inventive and can diffuse fine bubbles very efficently. <certificate of patent>
Because of simple structure and compact size we can offer our patented nozzles at affordable price.
It is also possible to install our compact and inventive nozzle in the water pipe and an existing equipment easily.

Application to the various fields

A wide range of OK Brand nozzles from 100mL/min to 500L/min can be applied to the various fields such as experiment (100mL~1L/min),home use ((7L/min~14L/min), industry (18L/min~100L/min),agriculture (100L/min~300L/min),
fishery (100L/min~300L/min),wastewater treatment (300L/min~500L/min)
We welcome custom-made order for specific use

OK Brand Nozzles are designed to install in an existing equipment easily

Application to the specific fields
 Experiment  100mL`1L/min nozzles are used for experiment
  Home Use  7L/min`14L/min are used for home use (shower & micro bubble bath)
 Industrial Use  18L/min`100L/min are used for cleaning machine compornents,etc
 Agriculture(hydroponics)  100L/min`300L/min are used for washing vegetables or hydroponics
 Fishery(aquaculture)  100L/min`300L/min are used for for washing oyster or aquaculture
 WastewaterTreatment  300L/min`500L/min are used for improving watery environment,etc
Applications of OK Fine Bubble Generators are not defined in the abovementioned list. You can apply them to your own facilities.

OK Brand Generators can save consuming energy and operating costs

Experimental device of generating nano bubbles

Please feel free to contact us If you have any questions about our products


<Export Agent of OK Engineering>

Nanyo Craft Co.,Ltd.

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